Brad's Course in No-Limit Hold'em for Complete Beginners

As said earlier, this section is very important to read for those players who are new to no-limit hold'em poker game. On the other hand, if you are an experienced poker player, you can skip this section. For novice players, this section will be very helpful to play in no-limit hold'em. They should study this section in detail. Also we suggest you to study the Glossary of Poker Terms which will be easy for you to understand the concept.

How No-Limit Hold'em Is Played

Each player sitting at the table is dealt with two cards face down, starting with the player to the left of the button. The button is a small round plastic disk which shows who the "dealer" is. It is used by the casino dealer so that he can keep track of who the dealer would be if players dealt the cards themselves like they used to do in the old days of casino poker and the way people still do in home games.

The dealer button is shifted from one seat to the left at the start of every new deal.

To Post the Blinds

The Online casino player left to the button is called the Small Blind and must post a preset bet in front of him before the deal. The second player to the left of the button is called the Big Blind. The Big Blind must post at the bet which is double the amount of the Small Blind. The object of the posting the blind bet is to motivate the action. The blinds help to get the pot started so that some money is kept in the pot for them to fight. It forces the player to play to number of hands that they might not have otherwise entered the pot with.

The amount of money, in cash games, that you must post when it is your turn to be the Big Blind or the Small Blind remains the same throughout the game. However, in tournament the amount of money that you must post when it is your turn to be the Big Blind or Small Blind goes up at the starting of each new round. A tournament round is a fixed duration of time during which the blinds remains the same.

In some tournaments, a round remains at the same level of blinds for only twenty minutes whereas in others, the rounds may stay the same for one hour or more. If you never play a hand, you will ultimately go broke by just putting in the two blinds that you are forced to post.

The Position of No-Limit Hold'em Game

10                               1
9                                               2
Community cards
8                                    3
7        6       5       4

1 - In a late position

2 - In a late position

3 - On the button

4 - On the Small Blind

5 - On the Big Blind

6 - In an early position and Under the Gun position

7 - In an early position

8 - In a middle position

9 - In a middle position

10 -In a middle position

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