Tournament Practice Hands
How to choose, bet, raise and play the Premium Hands

Most of the players you will be playing against in low-limit casino games, beginner tournaments are playing at your same level skill. In other words, they might not understand your standard moves that top-class player sometimes make. In no-limit hold'mm, many beginners are likely to call you down than they are to fold as compared to the worse play.

After reading the general skills or principles of no-limit hold'em tournament play, you might have gained some experience and make your way to your ranges of moves to include more complicated plays.

As beginning no-limit hold'em players, we shall play a limited number of premium hands. As your ability improves you will be able to start forming from these hands and play a few extra ones. As said earlier, we recommend you to play only premium hands until you have gained more experienced. By this, we mean that you understand the value of your starting hands perfectly and whether the flop is useful or harmful for your hand. This Also requires the ability to read your rivals before you move into the advances stragtagys.

You can ask the following questions when you are not playing in a hand. This will certainly help to you improve your reading ability when you are playing a hand.

How often do they come into the pot?

They raise under which position?

What kind of hands do they have when they raise?

Do they raise a lot?

How much do they raise with different kinds of hands?

With what kinds of poker hands they limp in?

What cards are they showing down?

How they react when they lose a hand?

How they react when they win the pot?

Can you see some kind of consistency in their play?

With asking all these questions as well as being vigilant, you will get a good idea as to the kinds of hands your rivals are playing.

Answering these questions is a task that you can do even when you are watcher of a game that is played in an on-land casino, or in the Internet casino. Answering the question is Also the correct way to learn to read players.

Always keep in mind that in no-limit hold'em, you will be playing with rivals possessing different playing styles. Your stratetgy might get affected by the types of players you are playing against. We have earlier mentioned the names of few players. Let's take recap of it:

Action Arnold is a player who raises a lot of pots. When he has the opportunity to act after you do, you can count on him to re-raise. You must have noticed that he shows down good cards.

Reckless Ricky also raises very often without any rational reason, often over bets the pot, and has shown some weak hands. He is willing to go to war with Action Arnold.

Passive Peter just calls, even when he has a premium poker had. However, he fears to get into war.

Novice Noreen is testing with no-limit play after playing in limit hold'em for many years. She either over bets or under bets the pot and sometimes calls when she is not supposed to call.

Tight Tom has cobwebs on his chips. When he raises, you should clearly understand he has a premium hand.

Loose Levin is on a roll and has held cards over you several times. He plays a lot of hands including middle connectors and small pairs.

Solid Samuel is aggressive when he plays a hand but always picks up the right situations and turns over the strong hands at the showdown. Authority Austin is the critic at the table. He always criticizes about the way you play your hands. He is a player who can make uncomfortable while playing.

We are using these games to make you understand that you will be facing many different rivals before the flp in each of the poker tournament situations.