Practice No-Limit Texas Hold'em Game

To get some practice at no-limit hold'em game before you play into a live casino for a big buy-in tournament, you should first play with your group of friends and have a home poker game. Or you can take advantage of many opportunities for practice that are available to you in the world of poker. In this chapter, we will suggest some of the ways to improve your no-limit hold'em skills.

The good way to play no-limit hold'em game is to play on the Internet through online casinos. The online casino have everything from "play money" games where you play for free to real cash games that start you about 5-cent and 10 cent blinds up to much more expensive games. You can start at the level you feel comfortable and then move up when your skill progresses.

Online casinos also sponsor multi-table tournament and single-table tournaments in which you can play for low buy-ins up to high buy-ins. There are many online tournaments which is the best place to practice no-limit hold'em game. These online are available 24/7. So you can play whenever you want to at any time.

If you live close to a casino that sponsors big or small tournament, go and watch players in live action. While you sit among the audience, try figuring out what hands the players have and why they bet their hands the way they do.

Practicing Opportunities
Watch No-Limit Hold'em Televised Tournaments

By watching how players bet and play their hands during televised tournaments will help you get on move rapidly from beginner to a winner in the no-limit hold'em game.

300 or more players have started in the World Poker Tournament (WPT) or the World Series of Poker (WSOP) but at present you are seeing only the few survivors on your television screen. When you watch a World Poker Tour tournament on television you will see only six finalists playing at the championship table.

The World Poker Tour has tournaments in various places all over the world. The buy-in is generally between $5000 and $25000 in the WPT events and it is $10000 for the WSOP championship tournament. The qualifications to enter are just being of age and posting required the buy-in. The tournament starts with many tables, normally with nine players per table. For example, if there are 180 players there would be 20 tables at the beginning of the tournament. In a $10000 buy in event, everyone starts with $10000 in chips.

In televised tournaments, most of the action happens before the flop and on the flop. When you see the players' hole cards on television you might notice that sometimes they bet with monster hands. Other times they have very good hands. With so few players left in action, it is often, "raise and take it" irrespective of what kind of hand the raiser has. In short, whoever raises first takes the pot.

And more of bluffing poker is involved, which make the game interesting for the audience as well as for the players. Making a big bluff will test your nerves. It is fun to make successful bluff and win a pot by pure guts just watch the winners do it on TV and then you will understand what does it means.

When you are watching or even when you are playing, practice reading the board cards and determine what the best possible hand is with each new board card is dealt. It is impossible, for example, for anyone to have a full house or four of a kind unless the board is paired. But if someone has made a nut straight or nut flush you know that's the best possible hand because it is unbeatable at that point. However, the things can change into anything with every new card that comes out in the middle.

For example, if you start with two aces in your hand, you have nuts before the flop. Then when the flop comes in the middle, it is possible that the value of your cards might change. Suppose you have the Q Q and the flop is Q 2 8. This is a good flop for your hand because you have a set of queens with no straight or flush draws possible. But if you had the QQand the flop was AK Tthat you would be a disastrous flop for your hand. Someone could have a flush, a straight, an ace or king in his hand to beat to your rivals.

Watch the Pros Play a Tournament in an On-Land Casino

You can improve at no-limit hold'em skills by attending a major tournament in real and in person. Observing how the pros compete against each other can give you some idea into some of the essential points of the game.

You will find more thrill in online poker when playing in championship event of a major tournament especially when you win the game. Excitement enters the air before the first hand is dealt players and audience alike can feel the electricity. Players who are above the age of twenty one are eligible to compete in a poker tournament. Many beginners join the competition, and a lot of them, though not as well-known as the "name" players, are top players in their own right. You can also learn by observing these lesser-known players.

As an observer, what should you look for? If it is early in the competition search for the table that has many renowned players and observe what they are doing in the early rounds. They have a different style of playing which makes it more interesting and edifying. Always try to read them. In other words, think about what type of hand they might be betting, calling or raising with. At every level of the competition, think about how you might have played the hand if you were sitting at the table.

The longer the tournament runs, the more thrilling it becomes. As the antes and blinds get higher, conservative play often goes out the window. Noticing when top players start making very aggressive plays can give you valuable casino strategy clues for your own future use.

The disadvantage of watching a live tournament, as opposed to viewing a televised event, is that you do not get to see the players' hole cards unless the action goes to a showdown. Since televised tournaments only focus generally on the final six players you will be able to note the strategy that top players use to make the final table. That is worth observing and studying.

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