Flop Two
Two High Cards / One Low Card / Suited

Here again, you are having $1000 in poker chips. The blinds are $10-$25. You are playing in the first round of the tournament.

Situation 40

You are sitting in late position to the immediate right of the button holding with:

Before the flop, two players limped into the pot you also limped and the big blind checked, making a total pot of $110.

The flop comes

On the flop the big blinds checks, the first limper checks and the next player bets $100. You have flopped second pair with the nut flush draw.

How will you play?

You don't want to risk going broke with this hand by making a big bet or raise on the flop. You have the second highest board pair and also the nut flush draw. In other words, you have many other ways to improve your hand on the turn or river.

You just try to play this hand until you do improve.


You have flopped the nut flush and middle pair, you don't have the best poker hand in this spot. We suggest that you just call the $100 because you do have a good draw. If you make your nut flush or hit another queen, you can win a large pot

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