Flop Four
Three High Cards / Unsuited

The flop comes:

Situation 47

The blinds are $10-$25. You are having $1000 in casino chips. You are next to the button with:

Before the flop, Tight Tom opens the pot for $100. The flop comes:

Everybody folds to you. You decide to re-raise to $300. The button and blinds fold. Tight Tom thinking after a little while calls your raise.

Tom checks on the flop.

How will you play?

You believe that Tight Tom doesn't raise unless he have a premium hand, especially from an early position. The nut hand on this flop is an A-Q, the only hand that can beat you at this moment.

There is a possibility that Tom doesn't have A-A. This is because he didn't re-raise before the flop. It is more likely that he has A-K or possibly a pair of queens, jacks, or tens. This means you are going to get lot of action with this hand.


The pot now has $635 in it you and Tom each have $700 left. When Tom checks on the flop, you can move $300 into the middle. If he has something like A-Q, A-K or trips, he will put all his remaining chips. If Tom has Q-Q he will either fold or move all-in. If he ha any other poker hand, it is likely that he will fold.

Situation 48

You are sitting two seats in front of the blinds with:

The flop comes:

You are the first player and you bring it in for $100. Reckless re-raises $100. It is $200 to call. The player in the small and big blind folded. You call for the extra $100, bringing the pot to $435. It is your turn to act next.

What will be your play?

You have flopped top pair with top kicker and you also have a gut-shot straight draw. Reckless Ricky likes to raises and there are different hands with which he could raise on his flop. One of them is A-Q, a hand that he is capable of re-raising with before the flop. But if he is paying attention to his rivals, Ricky remembers that you have been playing only premium cards and he should accept that you have the big hand.


You should check to Ricky and see what he does. If he bets $200-$300, move in on him. If you just call, you are pot-logged anyway. By going all-in, you shut down the action. You have no more decisions to make. You leave the last decision up to Ricky. If he has a big hand he will call. If he doesn't have a hand, you will win a good pot.

Situation 49

The blinds are $10-$25. You are in the small blind with:

Before the flop, Solid Sammy limped in from first position for $25 and Loose Levin also limped on the button. The big blind checked, bringing the pot to a total of $100. The flop comes

You are first to act in the small blind after the flop.

What will be your play?

With four players in the pot you have flopped top pair with a good kicker and an open-end straight draw. You will certainly fear of A-Q or a Q-9 because you know that if a rival has one of those hands, he has flopped a straight and you are beaten. Consider that it is an un-raised pot and it is unlikely that someone has an A-Q.

It is likely that a Q-9 will be out. Your hand looks fairly strong. The only person you should be afraid of is the limper who have limped in with a big hand trying to set a trap. Also keep in mind that Loose Levin likes betting with any premium hand.


You are little afraid of Solid Sammy who limped in first position. Check to see what Sammy does. If he bets, you should be careful because he has you beaten at this moment, and you might need to hit the straight to win. So it is recommended that if he made a large bet you should fold.

If Sammy checks, you can be sure that Loose Levin will bet. Now you should check-raise about three times the size of Levin's bet. If he bet $100, you bet $300. If he brought it in for $50, raise four times the bet to $200. If neither Sammy nor Levin bets on the flop, lead on the turn so long as the turn card isn't scary card such as a queen.

Situation 50

You are sitting in the big blind with:

Loose Levin started in second position for $75 and Passive Peter calls on the button. The small blind calls. You call the extra $50 from the big blind. The pot has $300 in it.

The flop comes

The small blind checked.

What will be your play?

You have flopped the nuts. You should now think in what way you should extract most money into the pot to make the pot bigger. You are sure that Loose Levin will bet if you check. You know that everybody likes to gamble with Levin so they will call his bets with weaker hands than they would call anybody else with.


This is a good hand to slow-play holdem . You can achieve this by checking. You can check because you are sure that Levin will bet and the other two players will call. If Levin bets $300 or less, and if one or more of the other players come in, you will raise an amount that is double his bet (making it $900 if he bets $300, for instance). If he makes a big bet of $500-$900 and no one calls, you will smooth-call on the flop. Then you will check on the turn in the expectation that he moves in. if he does not bet on the turn, you will bet into him on the river.

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