Make a move : Try to bluff.

Maniac : A wild, very loose, and very aggressive poker player. He plays lot of hands and virtually always raises when he plays. He will often raise on a bluff or with a very weak hand.

Mini-raise : You raise the minimum amount allowed, which is double the size of the big blind.

Nuts : The best possible hand at any given position in a pot.

On-Land Tournament : A tournament that is played in a traditional land based casino.

Online Tournament : A tournament that is hosted by an Internet card room.

Outs : Cards that will improve your hand.

Overbet : You make a raise in no-limit hold'em that is larger than normal.

Overpair : A pocket pair that is higher than any card on board.

Payout : The prize distribution in the tournament.

Play back : Raising when someone bets or raises into you.

Play fast : Always betting or raising.

Play with : Staying in the hand by betting, calling, raising or re-raising.

Pocket: It is also termed as hole. Therefore, two aces in the pocket means two aces in the hole.

Position (chip position ): How your chip stack compares to the stacks of your rivals.

Position (table position): The place in the order of betting in which a player is situated. A player in the first position would be the first person to perform; a player in last position would be the last person to perform.

Positional raise : A raise that is based more on a player's table position than on the value of his cards.

Pot-logged : You have lot of chips already invested in the pot that you are committed to going to the river with your ranking hand.

Rag (or blank) : A card that doesn't help you.

Ragged flop : The cards in the flop are the ones which do not seem to help anyone in making their hand i.e. there are no straight, flush, face cards, or pairs on board.

Rail : The place from which spectators and losers watch the action.

Raise : Betting an additional amount after someone else has bet. In limit hold'em, the amount of raise is prescribed whereas in no- limit hold'em, you can raise any amount you want so long as you raise at least the size of the big blind.

Rake : An amount kept by the casino from each pot, generally not more than $2 or $3.

Read (your rivals): You can decide what your rival is holding, or the significance of his betting strategy.

Read (the board): You need to understand how the board cards in hold'em relate to your hole cards.

Re-buy : In re-buy tournaments, you can add chips to your stack by re-buying during a specified time period.

Raiser : A player who raises.

Re-raise : To raise after a rival has raised.

Ring game : A regular game as opposed to a poker tournament.

Rock : A very aggressive player who always waits for premium cards before he plays a hand.

Round : Every time the button goes completely around the table.

Round of betting : The order of betting after one or more cards has been dealt. A round of betting continues till each active player has either folded or called.

Run over : Playing aggressively to try to control the other players.

Rush: A winning streak during which you might win four out of six hands.

Satellite : A preliminary tournament in which you can win a seat for a more expensive tournament.

Semi-bluff: To bet with a hand which you possibly do not believe is the best hand but which has a fair chance of improving to the best hand.

Slow down : Discontinuing playing aggressively.

Smooth call : You call rather than raise a rival's bet.

Slow-play : To check or call a rival's bet with a big hand so as to win more money on future rounds of betting.

Solid (player): A player who thoroughly understands the game and plays accordingly at a higher level.

Speculative hand : Speculative hands are the group of hands that are not immediately the best hand but are enough odds for a pre-flop call if four or five other online poker players are active in the pot.

Stack: All of your chips at the table.

Steal : To make your rival fold when you actually do not have the best hand. This term is basically used with respect to stealing the antes - that means, raising on the first round of betting so that everyone else left in the pot folds.

Survival : Staying alive in a tournament when you are very short- stacked.

Take off a card : Calling a single bet in order to see one more card.

Tell : The behavior a player exhibits that may give away his hand.

Throw away (a hand ): Fold.

Trap : You play deceptively in order to induce an unwise response from your rivals.

Under the Gun : The first person to perform on the early round of betting is under the gun. The player to the immediate left of the bettor on the later round of betting is also referred as under the gun.

Underdog : An underdog has the poker pot odds against him. It is a hand that does not have the best chance of winning.

Under pair : A pocket pair smaller in rank than the highest card on the flop.  

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