Flop One
One High Card / Two Low Cards /Unsuited

Situation 35

You are in the middle position having:

You raised to $100 before the flop. Only the big blind called putting $210 in the pot. You have flopped top pair or top pair. On the flop, the big blind checks to you.

How will you play?

Two kings with an ace kicker is a strong hand. As you are playing against only one player, there is a good chance that you have the best hand unless your rival has flopped a set. It is unlikely that he has flopped two pair unless he is a loose player who might call a raise with a 6-7, K-6 or K-7 suited.


If he checks to you, bet $150-$250. If he makes a normal bet ($150-$250 for this $210 pot), move in on him. If he makes a small bet ($50) raise him four to six times the amount that he bet ($200-$300).

Situation 36

You are sitting in first position with

Before the flop you raised to $100 and got called by the player to your left, the button, and the big blind for a total pot of $410. The flop comes

You have flopped top trips.

How would you bet and play in order to maximize your profits?

Your main goal is to put as much chips as possible into the pot so as to make the pot bigger. There is much little to worry about against few possible drawing poker hands.


You have flopped top trips, a very strong hand on this flop. The only possible draws are a straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. Everyone in the pot has $900 in chips. You would prefer to get all your chips in, but if you bet anything close to the size of the pot, there is a good chance that everyone will give away their hands.

If you strongly believe that someone sitting behind you will bet, you can slow-play by checking. If you are not sure that someone will bet if you check, make a small bet of $100-$200. In some way your rival will call your bet expecting to try to steal the pot. Making someone involved in the large bet gives a strong feeling of winning the large pot.

Situation 37

You are in the big blind with

The flop comes

The pot is not raised. There are two players poker playing against - the small blind and the player next to the button. The total pot is $75. The small blind checks to you on the K-7-6 flop.

How would you play your straight draw?

If you decide to make a small bet and get raised a large amount, you must fold your drawing hand. If you check and the player next to the button makes a small bet, you can call.


At this point, you don't have a made hand, only an open-ended straight draw. We have two alternatives in how to play this hand. The first option is that you can check hoping to get a free card and make our straight and the other option is to make a bet at the pot. You prefer to bet $50-$75 because you might win with no calls. If someone calls you might hit your straight and win a big pot when you have the nuts. Keep in mind that you don't want to lot of chips in at this point on the flop because you only have a draw.

Situation 38

You are to the immediate right of the button holding

Before the flop, action Arnold raised the pot to $75 in the first position. You called the raise and Authority Austin calls too in the big blind. Now there is $235 in the pot.

The flop comes

How will you play your bottom trips?

You have flopped bottom pairs, a very strong hand and the nuts in this spot unless someone has flopped a higher set. The obvious draw is the straight draw or a backdoor flush draws. Someone would have a top pair than your sixes and hit to make a bigger set. You should definitely play this hand all the way.


If Austin (the big blind) checks and Arnold (the original raiser) bets, you should smooth-call hoping to also pick up Austin in the big blind. If Austin bets out $150 and Arnold calls then we would raise to $400. If they both check to you, then we would bet about $200.

Situation 39

You are on the button holding

Before the flop Tight Tom raised to $100 from an early poker position. Solid Sammy just called the raise from middle position. You also just called on the button.

The flop comes

On the flop, Tight Tom checks and Solid Sammy bets $150.

How will you play your under pair?

In no-limit hold'em, two jacks is a very dangerous hand. If an over card to your jacks comes on the flop and someone bets, it is correct to fold you two jacks.


You should fold your hand. With Tight Tom raising before the flop and Solid Sammy calling his raise, you know they both have a good hand. One of them is a big favorite to have a better hand than your two jacks so just throw away your hand. Tight Tom might have even slow-played a set or checked A-K wanting some action.

When these two players came in before the flop, you were looking to make a set of jacks, hoping they each have an ace-high hand so that you can win the big pot against them. If the flop had come with three under-cards to your jacks, then you could have bet about the size of the pot in the expectation that they both had an A-K, for instance, and you could win it on the flop.

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